A downloadable Kktua Island for Windows

“Can be the night your best ally to leave the island?”

You don't know where you are and how you got here, but the only thing you are certainly about is that you have to escape.

Kktua Island is a stylized 3D single-player game in a open world to explore and find the puzzles.

In the game you play as shipwreck survivor which objective is leave the island.

The player will have the advantage to change between day and night to investigate the island in the diferents hours of the  day and resolve all the puzzles to escape.

Explore the island to make yourself out of there

For getting out of there you will need to explore every inch of the island to find all the pieces to get out.

Change the way to face the problems and the puzzles

Somehow you got a strange power to change to day time night time and afternoon.  This will help you to solve those problems because the puzzle changes, could you be able to see through time and take your problems in another perspective, if you cannot you will be stuck forever.

Admire the view

If you are tired of trying to solve those puzzles and you are getting frustrated just take a break and admire the views of that aphrodisiac landscape to get back in track and get going with fresh air.

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Muy bonito el juego!!

I was playing around on the keyboard to see if any keys did anything, and upon hitting "I" a book opened, with pages and tabs explaining some things! That was great and all, but I couldn't get the book to close afterward. I tried playing the game at a higher and lower resolution, along with trying windowed mode, but the top of the book always seemed to be out of reach, and I couldn't figure out how to close it. I'm having fun so far though! Everything looks nice, the puzzles seem well thought out (the two that I've uncovered) and the day-night idea is cool! Just the book thing seems to be the biggest issue I've come across.

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Thanks for the information we are working on and try to fix it

if you want to know about the new updates follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/Har3Games?lang=es

landscape is nice. I seem to have opened a book? And no way to close it ..... 

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Thanks a lot for the support we are working on it next update will be fix

if you want to know about the new updates follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/Har3Games?lang=es